Tasty Bone Nylon Trio - Bacon

Tasty Bone Nylon Trio - Bacon

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It's triple the fun and very knobbly. 

The trio bone has been designed to meet the chewing needs of strong chewers.  The irresistible flavour goes right to the core and will last for the lifetime of the bone.  The unique dental nubs help control tartar build up, and with every bite, your dog's gums and teeth become stronger & healthier, protecting against infection & tooth loss.

May be washed in soap and water if needed.  Material is safe for your dog to ingest as small fragments will pass through your dogs system.

Ingredients:  100% virgin nylon, synthetic flavouring

100 day money back guarantee

WARNING:  Not suitable as a fetch toy.  Do not throw the bone for your dog to catch as the impact could damage teeth.  Replace when the bone is small enough to be ingested whole

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